Coastal Explorers

What's on deck this summer?

Tide pools? Touch tanks? Taking the helm of an ROV?

This isn't your typical summer camp. Our program experiences are tactile and technology-driven and have all the makings of great tales to share with classmates come September. We can't promise students won't get dirty or wet at times, but we happen to think both are signs of a day well spent.

We invite students to step on deck and take a guided tour of the ocean at our doorstep. Our ship's captain knows the territory well. And our team of marine scientists and educators – with the help of some exciting technology – loves to share secrets of one of the richest marine environments on the planet.

This is learning that truly goes to great depths.

Questions? Contact our Manager of Field Operations and Outreach, Chelsie Archibald.
Tel. 709-330-3892

Oceans Learning Partnership

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